NEW CD Project! 

1. Greeting by Duncan & Rachelle
2. I’m Ready 4:32 *New Release* (2015)
3. Tell God About It 4:64“Through -Storm” CD 
4. We Have Taken Over
5. Rescue Me 4:40; *New Release* (2015)
6. Right Where I Am 6:23 God’s Time” CD 
7. We Have Taken Over
8. I Feel the Son 6:23 *New Release* (2015)
9. He’s Been Good to Me 4:06“God’s Time” 
10. We Have Taken Over
11. Through the Storm 5:32  (2005)
12. He’s Worthy 3:41 “Introducing CD (2001)
13. We Have Taken Over
14. He’ll Never Forsake Me 5:30 “God’s Time” CD 
15. Celebrate Jesus 6:06 *New Release* (2015)
16. The Benediction 3:43 “Through the Storm” CD (2005)

Gospel Duo Duncan & Rachelle

 The TakeOver, The Best of Gospel Duo Duncan & Rachelle

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Project Credits

Executive Producers: Rachelle Moore-Lane,
Duncan P. Lane & Dr. Robin L. Moore

The TakeOver...The Best of Duncan & Rachelle CD:
Produced by Richard T. Tinsley & Rachelle Moore-Lane; Producer: Donald “Junebug” Rowell (Celebrate Jesus,Rescue me); Recorded & Mastered by Michael Richelle at MSound Studio, ; Mixed by Boris “Franz” Richards at BMR Studio, 

Copyright - 2015
God’s Time CD: 2009
Produced by Rachelle Moore-Lane & Timothy L. Bragg; Recorded & Mastered by Glenn Barratt at MorningStar , ; Mixed by William C. Oatman, Jr.
Through the Storm CD 2005
Produced by Rachelle Moore-Lane & Timothy L. Bragg Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Glenn Barratt & Dave Schonauer at MorningStar Studios
Introducing Duncan & Rachelle CD 2001
Produced by Benjamin Graves, Jr.; Recorded at TMP Recording Studio, West Berlin, NJ; “He’s Worthy” Remixed by Michael Richelle at MSound Studio, Philadelphia, PA;